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Dorothy “D.” Thomas, program coordinator, Facilities Services—Administration, received Crimson Spirit recognition for grace under pressure and her commitment to delivering

  • Employee Recognition

Now Available: Summer 2020 DRS Retirement Outlook Newsletter

Attention PERS/TRS/LEOFF Participants: the Summer 2020 Edition of the DRS Retirement Outlook Newsletter is now available! Here you can find

  • Benefits

Employees Not Responsible for Fraudulent Unemployment Benefit Payments

HRS has become aware that some employees are receiving letters from the State Employment Security Department (ESD) indicating the employee

  • Employees

HR Source Newsletter- July 2020

The July 2020 HR Source Newsletter is now available. This issue includes information on topics such as: COVID-19 Employee Symptom AttestationJuly

  • Employees

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Cesar Munguia, student services coordinator/advisor 2 for Cougs Rise in the Office of Academic Engagement, received 2020 Crimson Spirit recognition.

  • Employee Recognition
Washington State University
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